The Chrismas Archives


This page is a site of religious music and praise. From here you can listen to Plainchant or Byzantine Polyphony, visit a Monastery etc.

The Christmas Day antiphons from the Greek rites Church, slow to load, but worth the wait, stunning sound.

A site of the most lovely antiphons of the Western Church's Christmas ritual, the 'GREAT 'O's. You may need to download software for this one, but worth checking out.

Gregorian Chant Sampler from Christ in the Desert Monastery.

Make a pilgrimage to the site of the heart of Plainchant, the monks of Solesmes. You can take a tour around the monastery, visit the shop, listen to music samplers and more.

Visit this German site for carols from all over Europe

Join in the carols with the Internet Renaissance Band

If you still want more, go to this site for a huge selection of Carols and Christmas songs.

If you feel more comfortable with Japanese or Korean music, then this site is for you. The music is simple, and there are lots of links to other Christmas Music

One more site with Plainchant.

And another Plainchant.