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In Memoriam
Countess Maria Hubert von Staufer

Well known Christmas writer and broadcaster Maria Hubert von Staufer; the Monmouth based author of many books including ‘Wartime Christmas’, ‘Jane Austen’s Christmas’, and Shakespeare’s Christmas’, died in a Spanish hospital following surgery in 2007. She was throughout the eighties and early nineties a popular guest on both Radio & TV including many appearances on BBC Radio Wales. 

In recent years she was to be found alternating between voluntary work for clergy internationally and maintaining a non commercial website which has enjoyed over two million visitors in the run in to Christmas. 

Please visit and enjoy the pages she prepared for your enjoyment ...

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For those who enjoy the whole of Christmas with its Christian elements, this site will please you too, especially when I get all the links sorted out! You can also find out about Christmas Markets, Christmas Cribs and see lots of lovely pictures there, with links to the other sites. The Polishworld Site has so many fantastic links, many to religious pages and pictures of the unique Polish Creche, the SZOPKA.


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Another which asks 'Is Christmas Commercialism good or bad?' and invites your opinions - and dont for get to say WHY you feel the way you do.

A gentle discussion remembering Christmas in the 1950's - share your nostalgic memories with us and give us all a warm toasty feeling!

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