The Chrismas Archives

The Festive Season in Georgian England


For Austen lovers everywhere! Plus a look at a little known christmas celebration as practiced in 18th century England. In this book you will be able to read about the Christmasses enjoyed by Miss Austen herself, both as a child and as an adult. Play the charades which she and her family devised for their own entertainment, try the delicious 18th century festive recipes, read about the prudish country cousin who would not join in the Parlour Theatricals as she deemed them 'imodest'! Much material not before published in this unusual Christmas Book. cover picture of Jane Ausetn's Cristmas

Enjoy these excerpts from the book:

  1. Charades
  2. Black Butter: a Recipe from Jane Austen's Christmas
  3. Bullet Pudding and Messy Games