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Of interest to those who love the Welsh Border country of Britain. This book has proven popular with expatriots who have their roots in Wales, and also with people who love the mystery of the border country with its myths and legends, and history steeped in time. A land fought over by the Romans, the Saxons and the Vikings. Something of a law unto themselves, the border people did not grant their allegiance to the Norman, William the Conqueror, and it remained a mysterious land until the middle ages. The 6th century monastery and seminary founded by St. Dubricius is here, and it was recorded that Dubricius crowned the legendary (but real) King Arthur at Usk on Wye at Christmastide.

All these tales are in my book, together with the tale of the ghostly nuns of Usk Priory, the Christmas Day massacre at Abergavenny Castle, the Mummers forfeit game explained and much, much more.

Cover: Monmouthshire Christmas Read these sample passages from the book:


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